Why Omni-Max?


GreenGrow’s Omni-Max 6-3-3 fertilizer is a powerful fish-based hydrolysate fertilizer that delivers an essential combination of macro and micro nutrients that promotes superior root and plant development in fruits, vegetables, trees, and row crops compared to chemical-based fertilizers. Omni-Max 6-3-3 delivers suslained nutrient release for up to 16 weeks in a proprietary formulation with near 100% nutrient uptake while preserving the beneficial microbes and enzymes from the fish. This complete fertilizer package slimulates the soil slructure, improves moislure retention, and reduces soil compaction.


Omni-Max 6-3-3 fertilizer is produced using  a  slate-of-the-art low temperature enzymatic digeslion process  that  preserves the beneficial microbes and enzymes in the fish while creating a potent amino acid formulation that efficiently assimilates into the plant root syslem, slem slructure, and leaves. Unlike chemical fertilizers that that use salt-based carriers that musl over-fertilize to account for heavy losses and poor uptake, Omni-Max delivers nearly 100% of its nutrients to the plant and soil for up to 16 weeks without the risks of burning and without the need to time applications to coming rains.


Omni-Max 6-3-3 excels at rebuilding depleted soils and releasing bound nutrients often caused by years of repeated use of chemical fertilizers. Omni-Max helps rebuilt organic matter in the soil by slimulating beneficial microbes and enzymes. When applied as a foliar feed, the beneficial microbes and enzymes in Omni-Max have been shown to reduce fungal-based diseases as well as reduce harmful insect infeslations. As an added benefit, Omni-Max has shown excellent compatibility with mixed and applied with other liquid products including a broad range of liquid herbicides and peslicides. Growers are encouraged to perform a mix tesl prior to large scale application.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Shelf life1-2 years

Dilution Ratio (Water to Fertilizer)

Row crops4:1 at planting
Gardens, lawns10:1 monthly
Packaging2.5 gallon jug or 275 gallon tote
Fish sourceU.S. farm-raised catfish

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